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Tonight’s the Night

February 10, 2011

My  nightly ritual last year was to sit in front of the computer, pour my heart out and cry. Tonight I felt compelled to reread some blog entries and so here I sit, tears streaming down onto the keyboard. But it’s not a nightly ritual anymore. I can’t even remember the last time I’ve cried. What a difference a year makes. Amazing.

Abe turned 11 last week. We were up at his school the weekend before and celebrated. Before we left Abe told me that he was going to try not to cry when we left this time- and he didn’t. And I didn’t (well, not that anyone saw anyway!) You see, Abe’s school isn’t a punishment- it is a gift. They aren’t “training” him to return home one day; they aren’t giving him “therapy” to make him “better.” They are accepting him for who he is and nourishing all those wonderful things about him. They are giving him music lessons -on demand! They are going skiing. They are building snowforts and practicing plays.

Abe was recently home for a three week winter break. I would love to say it was blissful- but what 3 weeks with an 11 year old boy can be described that way? There were definately challenges. But the challenges were sandwiched between such a wonderful time with him. And next time there will be less challenges as we all learn how to cope with our new schedule.

It’s hard to explain, but it feels so normal for him to be away at school. So normal, in fact, when I mention it for the first time to people I often forget it’s not how most families live. I usually catch myself and try to explain it- but I’m still working on that one. The best I’ve got is that Abe loves to keep busy around the clock and needs to be academically challenged in a small setting.

Report cards just came:

“Abe has been displaying a higher level of focus in class during the second trimester. This has been most apparaent during math class. It is exciting to be a part of his increased excitement for this subject. ..He continues to be a very enthusiastic student. He seems to really enjoy school and works very hard in my classes…”

Science A-

Social Studies A-

Math B+

Reading B

Writing B+

I have a new nightly ritual now. I think of A and smile ear to ear, my heart sings. It really does. My mother used to say this too. It must be a mother thing.