This blog tells the story of our struggle with our nine-year old bipolar son. It is a work in progress– as is he. I welcome comments. Actually, I love comments. I live for them, so please leave one!

I  hope this will shed some understanding on mental illness. I also hope it helps me deal with what my eight year old daughter so eloquently called “The tornado in his head,” when describing her brother’s “issues.”

Don’t forget, blogs work in reverse chronologic order, so if this is your first visit, go to the last page and scroll to the bottom. You will want to read from the bottom up.


4 Responses to “About”

  1. Karen in Raleigh NC Says:

    I have a 9 yo son w/NVLD, but it seems to stand alone…

    but I also have a very dear friend who has been challenged with bipolar for years (he’s in his 50’s now), he surrounds himself with friends who “keep an eye” on his moods and other known “trigger” or “symptomatic” signs…it works for him and we love him for allowing us to support him in this way…

    the brain is an amazing machine…one that can have variences… don’t be discouraged, stay strong knowing the suppport we all send to you and your family…all of you…

    find the medical assistance that your son benefits from, know you ARE doing what a parent can do… nobody would expect you to have a magic wand nor a super woman cape.

    It is clear that you go the distance for your family.. and now remember that “quality of life” is deserved by you and all those you love

    You have a different set of circumstance than most… but you have the blessing of learning for your son and thru your son… there IS a reason for all of this

    PLEASE email me if you can even imagine anything I might be able to do to support you.

    GO MOM GO!!!!

  2. babs Says:

    I have to ask…are you the same NJMom who had been posting on UB for so long about her son, trying to convince your school district that he needed services, etc? I’ve been off UB and YBM for a very long time, so was wondering. I’ve basically lost nearly two years’ worth of your story. Am so sorry.

  3. Kim Says:

    Did Meridell make a huge difference for your son? My son is on the wait list right now, on his 22nd inpt stay at the age of 14. I would love to talk!

  4. perilsofdivorcedpauline Says:

    So glad I discovered you — I hope you turn this blog into a book. Parents of special needs kids can feel so alone and need to know there are others going through the same — or similar — things.

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